Easy2Convert News / 2021

Dec 26 2021
Giving away presents on Boxing Day.

Oct 04 2021
Don't miss World Animal Day sale.

Sep 05 2021
International Day of Charity software giveaway.

Jul 16 2021
WMF to IMAGE and WMF to JPG applications have been updated. This minor hot-fix brings much better WMF image size calculation and conversion on some files.

Jun 25 2021
Free file converters have been updated. Many internal improvements and additions.

Jun 24 2021
PRO/IMAGE file converters have been updated. Image Dithering and Time Remaining options, many other improvements.

May 15 2021
Good software discounts on International Day of Families.

Mar 20 2021
Save well on International Day of Happiness.

Feb 13 2021
We're glad to announce first software sale on World Radio Day.

Feb 12 2021
In our annual calendar, you can find exclusive coupons and promotions that will help you save on software throughout the year.

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