Easy2Convert News / 2016

Dec 28 2016
All image converters have been updated. RAW 8/16 bit images support for RAW-converters, UI improvements, bug-fixes.

Dec 26 2016
Get a GIFT on Boxing Day.

Nov 28 2016
We're celebrating Easy2Convert's 10th anniversary this year!

Nov 28 2016
Yet another Cyber Monday sale.

Nov 25 2016
Incredible image software discounts on Black Friday.

Oct 31 2016
"Scary" sale on Halloween.

Oct 03 2016
Find a single discount on all Easy2Convert software on German Unity Day sale.

Jun 02 2016
Don't miss software discounts in Italian Republic Day sales.

Apr 29 2016
Our image converters have been updated. JPEG chroma subsampling, PNG/TGA/TIFF compression options, additions to filename mask syntax and other improvements.

Apr 20 2016
New versions of EMF to IMAGE and EMF to JPG are ready to download. Better EMF conversion, .emz files support, minor improvements and bug fixes.

Apr 15 2016
New versions of WMF to IMAGE and WMF to JPG have been released. Improved WMF conversion process, .wmz files support, wmf image dimension bug fixed.

Mar 30 2016
All image converters have been updated. Image Rotation and Output Folders History options, Color Table option for 8-bit BMP output.

Feb 14 2016
Gifting "LOVE" on St Valentine's Day.

Jan 26 2016
Find good discounts in our Australia Day sales.

Jan 20 2016
We published discounts calendar for 2016. Purchase our software at the best price all the year round.

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